Gentle reader…

Gentle reader,

It has come to my attention that people are not clicking on the links in my posts. I am not so narcissistic as to imagine that you are so enthralled by my writing that you are terrified at the thought of wandering from my blog. However, let me reassure you that starting as of the posts from a few days ago, you can hover over links and they will show you what they are about ahead of time like this. I set them up so that they will open up in a separate tab or page, so you can go back to reading my post just as soon as you like. I also link pictures of items to sources where you can buy them. But my finds are not only items; they include links as well, which I hope you will enjoy as ancillaries to my text and images.

‘Scuse for getting all meta on you. Just wanted to point it out.



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