Fun: How good is your subtle color vision?

I was thinking about the power that lipstick has over me. Fifteen lipsticks, including four reds? Really? Isn’t that hoarding? Am I not making clutter? I decided to explore this topic a little more.

I found a superb test for distinguishing colors. It isn’t the dots-and-numbers colorblindness test you may know. This is the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue test, and it is used in industries where a worker’s ability to make subtle distinctions between colors is vital.

The test is very easy and fun to take. Click here for the explanation of the use of the test on a page that sells the test printed on little pieces like a game.

Or just plain click here to take the test.

I’ve read a Comments section somewhere that I can’t find, where all the interior decorators and artists scored very well (low is better), mostly a perfect score or at most 2 or 3. The highest possible scores (over 1000) seem to include how far out of order you place the tiles.

I’ve taken this test a couple of times and the highest score I’ve ever had was 11, and I was rushing that time. I hope you get a better score! It means you have a rich world of color.

This explains the fifteen lipsticks and why I am so sure I want them all. I use them all. I strongly see rather fine distinctions in colors. When I choose what to wear each day, I take into account the light (weather), my skin tone (pale from sickness, dark from sun), and what I’m wearing (hue, intensity).

So, I like lots of lipsticks, because my fifteen look very individual and different to me; I see distinctions that some other people can’t.

And I had difficulty giving up my desire to buy Russian Red and Orgasm because I knew, without realizing it, that they would be unique colors to me. But I still had to turn them down, if weakly, because I really do have enough makeup.

The takeaway for me is that I need to continue to deal with hoarding and shopaholism in order to make space for things I really do want and use – like lipstick. I still don’t think I should get Russian Red and Orgasm, though: That’s for you, or someone you want to get a gift for.

So maybe you will find this test as reflective on your life as I did. Or, just take it for fun!


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