Eye of the needle

Okay. You have to get these. Really. These are great. If you don’t want them for yourself, you have to find someone who can use them, and give them some. Please.

Admittedly, I bring these to your attention because of my fascination with tech without moving parts or electricity, again. But don’t you know someone who quilts, embroiders, or mends?

Spiral Eye Needle close upThese Spiral Eye Side Threading Needles are handmade, very clever, specially easy to thread hand sewing needles. They are also made in America. The inventor writes, “I have yet to find a company in America that actually manufactures hand sewing needles.” And neither have I. Check, the next time you see a pack of needles in a store. In this era of free trade, here’s your opportunity to support American small business!

Go to the inventor’s website. The inventor painstakingly, earnestly explains how her needles work and why they are superior to any competitors. I believe her.

You’ve read me complain repeatedly about my presbyopia. If you have it (and even if you don’t), these needles will make your sewing much easier by making the threading simpler and quicker.

OK, here’s why I don’t have any of these needles even though I think they’re the cat’s pajamas and the neatest thing since sliced bread.

SENcase-183x138My clothes virtually never rip. I buy such sturdy clothing that if something does rip, I need a new one. And buttons and zippers are anathema to me.

Every time I have bought a mending kit in the past, I have misplaced it, lost in the chowder of stuff in my place. So I am sure I will misplace these fine, fine, American needles. Even if I bought the add-on optional coolissimo needle case for them.

And no, I don’t know anybody who sews. But I wish I did.

Be a patriot, buy these needles! Your place has got to be neater than mine, and when you need them, you will be able to find them. And if you don’t live under a rock like me, you know someone for whom these are the perfect gift.


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