Ooh, shiny!

320px-Poinsettia_2We’re getting into the “holiday season,” which is what secularists call the runup to Christmas, or “Xmas.”

Poinsettias, actually a tropical plant from Central America, and not to be confused with amaryllis, are part of “holiday” decoration. More secular than images of creches and infants, they have the traditional red and green colors of Xmas, and they don’t put secularists on the defensive. (I send Christmas cards only to people I know are believers, and New Year’s cards to everyone else.)

A catalog I buy from, mostly the really delicious and diarrhea-inducing sugar-free (but not calorie-free) fudge, is offering daily specials via email. These emails are dangerous for a shopaholic, but I do manage not to buy anything from them. It’s a struggle, though.

PoinsettiaBroochToday’s email of specials included an item I like a lot and want, a poinsettia brooch that is covered in Swarovski crystals and is a massive 2 1/2″ across. After work, I gazed at the picture, looked at 2 1/2″ inches on a ruler, and pondered buying it. The sale price is very reasonable.

I like brooches. Granted, they have an antique, old-ladyish air, but they do liven up a woolen, Nixonian “respectable Republican cloth coat.” When I had a big, spectacular one (now disposed of because the fake pearls’ coating wore off), it attracted a lot of comments. In recent years, my coat has sported a little one about 3/4″ across, depicting colorless fruit, and even that attracts comments.

Hardly anyone sees me go to work, and I leave the office in the dark. My body engine runs hot, so I don’t wear my woolen coat until the weather gets really cold in January and February. So there’s no reason to have it for the “holiday” season.

It would make a terrific gift for someone who enjoys bling, and as you know, I certainly enjoy sparkly stuff. I would enjoy holding it in my hot little paws, looking at it in the sun, and making it twinkle. But, sorrowfully, I myself have no real use for this very pretty brooch.


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