It seems that this blog gets a fair number of visitors due to the tag “hoarding.” I am sorry to disappoint those who want tips and hints. What I can tell you is that in my experience, it IS possible to get a grip on one’s hoarding and reduce it. Take heart.

My blog is mostly not about hoarding, which is why “shopper” is in the title. For further insights, let me refer you to the post “Hoarding, shopaholism, and materialism.” Please read it. At the time of this writing (November, 2013), this is the most important post I have written about these problems.

If you are an unhappy hoarder or shopaholic, your unhappiness (ranging anywhere between deep misery and a merely uneasy feeling) signals that material objects do not make you happy. You know this. So I say again, do not let anyone try to shame you when they say that material goods to not bestow true happiness. You know that already.

If you imagine it will make you truly happy and make your life complete if you get that handbag or that fishing gear, you really are an economic materialist, and you need to understand that physical objects, while important to us all, will not fulfill you. Those sayings and sermons about how money does not make create genuine satisfaction are indeed aimed at YOU, so pay attention. If you’re always looking to buy the next toy, you will never stop to really appreciate the ones you have. He who dies with the most toys does NOT win.

Probably I will revise this page as time goes on. But at this point, I just want to emphasize that my blog is not about tips and hints; it is to record in real time a very slow and probably endless process. I am trying to gain more understanding of why I want so many things and how to say no to them, without saying “sour grapes” and denigrating them. I believe that the material world is full of interesting and delightful things, but this fact doesn’t mean I have to own so many. But it’s a slow road to learn how to say no.


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